Below are the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

“Does your company also supply window sills and kitchen countertops?”

Yes, you can order window sills and kitchen countertops from us. However, you would need to discuss a custom order such as this with our service desk. You can get acquainted with our custom work in the Custom Orders section.

“How are custom orders submitted?”

Use the link labelled “Request a Quote”, enter the information you need, and you will be contacted.

“Can Merquine series products be used outdoors?”

Yes, we take outdoor use into consideration when we manufacture our products.

“If necessary, is it possible to change the dimensions of a product?”

Yes, we work with our customers and we manufacture products according to their requests.

“How long is the delivery time for the Merquine series?

It depends on the size of the order, but on average 2 weeks.

“Do you both transport and install the products?”

Yes, we provide both transportation and installation.